Fight Against Late or Inaccurate Deliveries: Buy Wholesale Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Bins for Your Industrial or Commercial Warehousing

It doesn’t matter what your company sells. It could be books. It could be children’s toys. It could be power tools. It could be nuts, bolts and screws. It could be wiring. It could be anything. The bottom line is that if your company does shipping fulfilment, you need to be timely with your deliveries. Any customer, client, or buyer is going to grow frustrated with late or inaccurate deliveries. Luckily, VISIPLAS can help, with our heavy duty plastic storage bins.

Improve the Organisation of Your Warehouse

Industrial and commercial plastic storage bins are useful aids for warehouse organisation. You can use them to store items that you have been storing loosely on your pallet racking shelves. You can use them to categorise different products, so they are easier to find. You can certainly use them to cut down on clutter.

Most companies order commercial and industrial plastic storage bins from VISIPLAS because they feel they don’t have enough control over their inventories. Their warehouse teams struggle to process orders quickly because specific stock items are hard to find. This lack of organisation leads to shipping delays. Sometimes, it even results in order mix-ups, where shipments go to the wrong people, or where customers get items they didn’t order.

Late shipments or inaccurate deliveries might seem like honest mistakes, but they can be disastrous for retailers or suppliers. A 2012 study by Voxware revealed that 29% of consumers would stop shopping with a retailer if they receive an incorrect delivery from that company. Sixty-two percent of consumers, meanwhile, said they would be significantly less likely to order from a retailer if they received a shipment two or more days after the estimated arrival date.

These numbers are damning. They show just how much a retailer or supply company stands to lose by having an inefficient warehouse. The ability to process orders quickly and fulfil orders with speed and accuracy is something that has genuine value for your business. Quick, error-proof shipping increases customer satisfaction and drastically enhances your company’s chances of winning repeat customers.

A more organised warehouse is a more efficient warehouse. A more efficient warehouse is faster and more accurate with its picking and packing operations. Fast, accurate picking and packing means reliable shipping and order fulfilment. For these reasons alone, your warehouse needs heavy duty plastic storage bins.

Buy Wholesale Plastic Storage Bins for Your Warehouse

Even if your warehouse has mostly been pretty good about processing orders quickly, you stand to gain something by investing in commercial or industrial plastic storage bins. In an ideal world, your business will eventually grow. When it does, you will need an inventory. You want to have a system in place that promotes organisation and discourages clutter. A smart plastic storage bin solution is your best bet.

When you shop with VISIPLAS, you can get wholesale plastic storage bins in a variety of shapes and sizes. To learn more, give us a call on 02 8199 3240.