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Order $1,000 plus get 5% off (discount code ‘DC5') | Order $2,000 plus and get 10% off (discount code 'DC10')

Warehouse Parts Trays


Keep Hardware and Other Small Parts Easy to Find with Warehouse Storage Bins by VISIPLAS

Consider this scenario: a company does a substantial amount of business by supplying industrial concerns, construction firms, or a busy trade. However, the original organisational system for the warehoused inventory has begun to break down. Items are not always easy to find, small parts accidentally become mixed in with other hardware, and other organisational issues plague the fulfilment process. The result: errors in orders increase, fill rates go down, and customer satisfaction can suffer. Even employee morale can suffer if the working environment is full of clutter, or if order fulfilment is difficult. The business needs some way to completely overhaul its approach to warehouse storage to make bins filled with the wrong items a thing of the past.

Does this all sound a little too familiar? Perhaps you currently oversee a fulfilment centre that struggles with some of these same issues. It's true that organising small parts and hardware, especially when your inventory list is extensive, poses a unique challenge. With the assistance of VISIPLAS and our extremely convenient, versatile hardware storage bins, however, you can refine your approach, improve fill rates dramatically, and more. Let's take a closer look at the product variety available and what you can accomplish with a new and improved system.

Rethink your approach to warehouse storage bins

VISIPLAS offers bins in a variety of sizes to suit diverse needs; this includes larger, deeper containers suitable for holding heavier hardware alongside smaller bins with optional dividers for small parts. Ideal for usage on a louvred wall or in a standard panel shelf, they fit into existing warehouse infrastructure with ease. These options simplify the process of separating parts into different bins, and the substantial labelling area on the front offers opportunities for better sorting.

For example, you may switch to a bar code system for tracking inventory and building orders during the picking process. A quick scan of the barcode on the front of the storage bin allows for confirmation that only the hardware ordered by the client goes into the order — not the wrong product. With everything separated into containers and organised on an accessible shelf, there's no need to leave products in places it doesn't belong. The result is a cleaner workspace that facilitates fast actions.

Uncover a better way to organise today

Recognising when problems in your supply chain become impediments to doing better business is an excellent first step. Acting to correct those issues by re-evaluating storage solutions and making an active effort to de-clutter the workspace should be your next priorities. VISIPLAS has the products and the experience to help create positive outcomes for your business at highly competitive rates.

Refine your approach to small parts storage with bins that better align with real-world working conditions. Place your order today and enjoy free shipping to locations Australia-wide. Need to let us know about something first? Visit our contact page to find out how to get in touch.