Order $1,000 plus get 5% off (discount code ‘DC5') | Order $2,000 plus and get 10% off (discount code 'DC10')
Order $1,000 plus get 5% off (discount code ‘DC5') | Order $2,000 plus and get 10% off (discount code 'DC10')

Warehouse Picking Bins


Heavy Duty Industrial & Commercial Plastic Storage and Picking Bins

Are you in the process of devising or revising a storage system for your warehouse? At VISIPLAS, we think we have the kind of solution you need. We manufacture a range of warehouse plastic storage drawers, both for small parts/components and larger items. These drawers come as storage boxes or storage trays but can be paired with shelving systems or louvre panels to create smart drawer or pick up bin designs.

Streamlining the Organisation for Your Warehouse

Warehouses are notoriously difficult to organise. Not only must you find places to put everything in your inventory, but you also must make sure you arrange or categorise everything logically. Otherwise, your warehouse team isn’t going to be able to find anything when it comes time to pick and pack inventory items for orders.

When it comes to larger items, things are a little easier. Big boxes, crates or pallets can be stored by themselves on your warehouse’s pallet racking system. The trouble usually comes in with small or medium-sized items. These items are loose and too small to store on a pallet rack. However, you still need to find a way to organise them. Otherwise, you will end up with a cluttered warehouse where finding specific items is borderline impossible.

Our heavy duty plastic storage drawers help make matters easier. For medium-sized items, our plastic storage bins offer a practical solution. These bins come in a range of different shapes and sizes, so you can choose the right bin for the item(s) you have in mind. You can set them on a louvre panel in your warehouse to create an easy pickup station for those items.

For smaller items, organisation is even harder. Parts, components, and other little items are all too easy to misplace or lose. At VISIPLAS, we offer a warehouse plastic drawer solution for this kind of scenario as well. Our parts trays can be segmented into multiple sections using removable dividers. Each parts tray provides high-density capacity for small parts and components. You can label each plastic parts tray and then place it on a shelf, creating a browsable drawer system for your smaller inventory items.

Work with VISIPLAS to Design a Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Drawer System

If your warehouse team has been struggling with how to organise or store small and mid-sized items, VISIPLAS can help. Our industrial plastic storage drawers are easy to use, easy to organise, and provide a vast amount of storage in a compact package. These designs have been crafted specifically to de-clutter warehouses and storerooms and speed up the pace of order fulfilment. If those goals align with your own, give us a call today.

All VISIPLAS industrial plastic storage drawers are made from the highest quality virgin materials to ensure durability and longevity. However, since we are wholesalers and offer free shipping throughout Australia, you get affordable prices. Learn more about our parts trays or our plastic storage bins.