VISIPLAS Australia is the leading online supplier of small parts storage bins and trays and pallet rack protection.  Our products are manufactured from the highest quality, virgin material ensuring an efficient and economical solution for your storage system.

The VISIPLAS Protector was originally developed for the European market for pallet rack protection. The pioneering standards developed in Europe recognised the differences between the high risk corner uprights of a pallet rack, compared with the lower risk intermediate uprights. Many good protection designs existed for steel protectors with independent floor anchoring for the corner uprights of pallet rack structures. These higher cost systems were justified for the higher risk corner uprights. However they were too expensive for the larger numbers of low risk intermediate uprights.

The VISIPLAS Protectors were developed from an understanding that the lower risk intermediate uprights demanded a low cost solution. These protectors were designed to exceed the requirements of the standards and yet be priced under $30- per protector. They are easily installed by the user and require no additional floor anchors. We proudly present the VISIPLAS Protectors to provide a safer solution for your distribution centre while significantly reducing costs.