Order $1,000 plus get 5% off (discount code ‘DC5') | Order $2,000 plus and get 10% off (discount code 'DC10')
Order $1,000 plus get 5% off (discount code ‘DC5') | Order $2,000 plus and get 10% off (discount code 'DC10')

Industrial Shelving Units

Organise Your Warehouse with Industrial Steel Shelving Units and Storage Racks

Your business is taking off and you are thinking that you need a better way to be organised and get your orders filled faster. You know there must be a way to use the empty space on the wall or in the corner, and that utilising this will benefit your productivity. At VISIPLAS Australia we have the ideal storage solution for you. As the leading supplier of storage solutions including parts trays, picking bins, louvre panels and steel warehouse shelving units, we can help simplify and organise your inventory.

Sturdy Warehouse Shelving

You can be confident in our industrial shelving units and that they will not collapse when you load each shelf with your items. The industrial strength steel of the shelves also gives your business the capacity to store a wide range of products. Our BS255 Steel Shelving Kit is an excellent choice for many businesses.

The warehouse shelving unit is made up of frame panels, ten shelves, cross braces, a kickplate and fixing hardware. With a shelving bay load of 800 kilograms, you can be sure that you are getting the most use out of the shelves, even being able to store products on the top shelf, or you can simply use it as a dust cover.

It also comes with eighteen Parts Trays which slot into six of the ten shelves for a clean and tidy look. This allows you to glance at the Parts Trays and know immediately where your products are stored, as well as having easy access for removing the items within. The Parts Trays also come with two dividers for further sorting of your items or keeping safe those small, fiddly products that can easily get lost.

Other options for organised warehouse storage include our Steel Shelving Kits with eight shelves and Picking Bins. The open style of the Picking Bins allows for simple access to the items, as opposed to the Parts Trays which slide out in a draw function. Picking Bins are excellent for the quick retrieval of products so you can fill your orders faster.

Whether you have large or smaller items, our shelving kits come with a number of Picking Bins and are available in two sizes. You can choose to have your Picking Bins all the same size, or mix and match sizes to suit a variety of items.

Save Space with Louvred Panels

If you are a little tight on floor space then Louvred Panels are a viable option. This is an ideal way to convert empty areas on vertical walls into an effective storage solution. You can place hooks on the panels for hanging items, or use Picking Bins to hold multiple loose items. These panels are sold in two sizes so you can effectively fill the wall space that you need while keeping the floor underneath clear.

We specialise in warehouse and retail storage solutions with quality products at competitive prices. You can get your industrial storage racks and shelving delivered for free Australia wide, or contact us to arrange to pick up from the warehouse for your state.