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Order $1,000 plus get 5% off (discount code ‘DC5') | Order $2,000 plus and get 10% off (discount code 'DC10')

Plastic Picking Bins

Are you Expanding Your Business? Keep Pace with Your Inventory, with the Help of the Right Plastic Picking Bin Supplier in Australia

For many businesses, expanding earnings and reach also means a growing inventory. As you continue to add products to your inventory—and grow the inventory of the products you already have—your warehousing needs are going to expand. This period of expansion is often a growing pain for smaller shipping or e-commerce companies—especially ones that are moving from DIY packing and shipping to warehouse solutions. As a picking bin supplier in Australia, VISIPLAS can help your business clear this hurdle with aplomb.

Why Picking Bins?

There are a few reasons to use plastic picking bins in your warehouse storage system.

The first reason is space conservation. Warehouse space is not cheap, especially if you are operating your business in a more populous area. As a result, it is essential to make the most of the space that you have. Even bigger companies can’t afford to waste floor space or pallet racking space on clutter or poorly organised inventory. Picking bins make it easy to pack your entire inventory into tidy, neatly organised sections. They also make it easy to allocate every centimetre of spare space that you have in your warehouse.

The second reason to invest in plastic picking bins for your warehouse or storeroom is efficiency. When everything is organised and stored in a designated bin, your shipping employees will know where to go to find specific inventory items. This organisation dramatically streamlines the picking and packing process and avoids delays and setbacks that can slow down shipments and lead to unhappy customers.

Third, finding a picking bin supplier in Australia helps you cut down on the chaos of your storeroom or warehouse. A chaotic warehouse is distracting and difficult to navigate at best and potentially unsafe at worst. A cleaner, more organised warehouse will allow you to run a tighter ship, with more productive workers, fewer accidents and better results across the board.

Finding Picking Bins for Sale in Australia

Are you looking for picking bins? If so, look no further than VISIPLAS. We carry plastic picking bins in a range of different shapes and sizes. There is a good chance that we have a storage bin that is ideal for the item or items that you need to store. Click here to look through our picking bin specs and find the right model for your warehouse.

We love helping businesses get organised and boost their productivity—especially fledgeling companies. We know that navigating the complexities of warehousing for the first time can be tough for smaller, newer ventures. Whether you are running out of space at your current storeroom or trying to make a small warehouse work because the price point is right, we can help.

If you have any questions about the plastic picking bins we sell in Australia, feel free to reach out directly. You can get in touch with VISIPLAS by calling 02 8199 3240.