Improve Fulfilment & Reduce Item Pick Times with Better Plastic Warehouse Picking Bins

When your company's operations centre around taking orders from customers and fulfilling them for shipment or local delivery, time is a critical factor. The faster you can meet an order and send it on its way, the happier your clients and the better your prospects of repeat business. However, working quickly in a cluttered or poorly organised warehouse environment can lead to mistakes during this crucial process. That risk is especially real when staff needs to be able to differentiate between similar but different hardware or other products. Thus, you must be able to strike the right balance between organisation and the ability to pick and pack products without delay.

The key to making this happen is choosing plastic warehouse picking bins suitable for the job. Not only will the right pick bins make it easier for staff to locate the right products, but they provide a simple and effective way to maintain excellent organisation throughout the storage area. Tracking inventory and staying on top of daily operations becomes much more effortless as well. At VISIPLAS, we have offered a better way to purchase and set up warehouse pick bins for eight years and counting. Our experience has taught us that when we take the time to de-clutter these vital workspaces, we all benefit from the process improvements. With louvred wall panels available for hanging these bins, we can supply complete solutions or just the products you need.

Simple, easy to use warehouse pick bins for all applications

We know that no two warehouses face the same storage requirements, and that product weights and sizes can vary immensely. To that end, we provide picking bins in a variety of depths that can safely store a range of weights as well. Increase your storage area without the need to relocate to a larger space — a standard panel can fit up to 32 of our popular AP11 pick bins. This versatility offers significant scope for inventory that was previously spread out across the warehouse.

Alongside our picking bins, VISIPLAS also offers plastic parts trays that can sit on a shelf alongside any of these bins. This allows for adequate storage of small parts, reducing inventory shrinkage and centralising storage for what are often substantial item quantities. With surfaces designed to wipe down quickly, it's as easy to keep your warehouse free from dust and grime as it is to maintain organisation.

Build your order today for prompt shipment

From their easy-to-clean surfaces to the highly visible space for labelling parts, VISIPLAS picking bins offer the key to a more efficient workspace and happier clients. With a precise system of containers in a sensible arrangement, keeping the warehouse in good shape with as little mess as possible becomes an achievable goal. Explore our warehouse picking bins and place your online order now, or reach out to us with any questions you may have about how to best use these products. Be sure to ask about the other solutions and products we offer as well. Reach us on 02 81 993240 for prompt and friendly assistance today.