Set Up an Efficient Wall Mounted Storage System Built from Steel: Choosing Louvred Metal Panels


Good organisation is the key to successful and smooth logistical processes, but every organisational system must start somewhere. A warehouse that relies on an outdated or haphazard system will always have slower fulfilment rates than a facility that emphasises order. One of the main problems that can complicate these operations is a lack of an easy way to locate the items customers request. For example, in a warehouse that supplies plumbing hardware to tradesmen, staff should easily be able to identify bins with the right parts. If parts aren't separated in a clear, easy to understand way, the result is an employee who must waste time searching for an item that should be at hand.

At VISIPLAS, we work to create products that simplify warehouse organisation and eliminate these troublesome problems. A messy warehouse suffers from slowdowns in many ways — so why not look for a way to improve the process? An excellent place to start is with the wall mounted louvered panel. With plenty of space to attach plastic storage bins of varying sizes and depths, you gain the ability to create a custom organisational system for your parts. Louvered metal panels are the starting point for a less cluttered, more efficient storage system, improved fill rates, and more. What can you do with them?

Louvered wall panels make custom storage solutions possible

With two VISIPLAS steel louvered panels, you instantly gain a storage space that is nearly 2 metres in height. By affixing plastic storage bins to the louvres on these metal panels, you can create an organisational system that makes sense for your products. Instead of merely storing items wherever they may fit, you can now separate them into bins that staff can quickly pick from during fulfilment. When space is at a premium, going vertical with a wall mounted panel can save space while adding convenience.

For products packaged in plastic, storage in a bin isn't always the best solution. With a wall mounted solution, you can add metal or wire hooks to extend out from the face of the panel. This allows an easy way to hang products to pick when necessary, alongside many other potential applications quickly. Created only from high-quality virgin materials, these steel panels are durable enough to last through years of continual use.

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The utility of louvered wall panels extends beyond helping to re-organise the warehouse floor, too. These storage solutions also work very well in retail environments, where one can use them to display all manner of products for sale in a clean, organised, and comfortable way. These items pair very well with the VISIPLAS 300mm storage bins also available for purchase here on our site. Enjoy the convenience of overhauling an essential logistics process through online purchasing with free and fast shipping. Questions or concerns before you place your order? We welcome your enquiries — contact us today by calling us on 02 8199 3240 today.