ATD1 Pack of 24 Dividers (L-R) for VISIPLAS Parts Tray AT31 and AT41

24 per carton | Carton Code: ATD1P24

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Product Description

The VISIPLAS ATD1 Divider fits the AT31 and AT41 Parts Trays.  Black Colour.
24 Dividers per carton.  Divider fits in Left-to-Right direction in Tray.ATD1 Divider fits the AT31 and AT41 Parts Trays

24 Dividers per Carton.

Nominally 100mm wide x 110mm high.

Secure Checkout 256 Bit AES Encryption

Comparable in size to Fischer Plastics 1H014 and Dexion Shelf Bin Divider 40120.

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