AVB Pack of 2 VISIPLAS Protectors for Rack Uprights 79mm to 92mm Wide

2 per carton | Carton Code: AVB2

We have 23 cartons of this product in stock ( = 46 units)

Cartons = 2 units ( @ $26.95/unit)

Total Carton Cost $53.90 Including GST

Product Description

The VISIPLAS AVB Rack Upright Protector Type B is for pallet rack uprights with front face widths from 79mm to 92mm.  This carton quantity has 2 x Type B protectors, to trial in your warehouse, and is on sale now for $26.95 per protector including GST and delivery.  Attachment to the pallet rack upright is fast and easy using heavy duty cable ties.

See how effective these protectors are in this YouTube clip.

Detailed information here.

6 Cable Ties (including 2 spares) are included in each carton of 2 protectors.

AVB Pallet Rack Upright Protectors

2 Protectors per Carton.

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