BS273 Steel Shelving Kit with 8 Shelves and 12 x AP43 Picking Bins

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The VISIPLAS BS273 Steel Shelving Kit comprises frame panels, eight shelves, cross braces, kickplate and fixing hardware plus 12 x AP43 Picking Bins.  The shelving bay is 2175mm high x 900mm wide x 400mm deep.  Industrial strength shelving gives businesses the capacity to store a wide range of products.  The shelves are rated at 110kgs Uniformly Distributed Load with a shelving bay load at 800kgs.

Each BS273 shelving kit is provided in 4 cartons.  Frame panels and cross bracing are in the BSM Frame Components.  Six shelves and kickplate are in the BSP Shelf Starter Components. Plus an additional two shelves in one x BSS2 Pack of Two Shelves.  The 18 x AP42 Picking Bins are in 1 carton.

As well as the 18 AP42 Picking Bins there are four shelves for reserve storage of product.  Additionally, the top shelf is fully load bearing and can be used as a dust cover or loaded with product.

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VISIPLAS Steel Shelving Assembly Video

Detailed Installation Instructions here

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